Shield Dwarf Fighter




A lone wanderer and warrior, Kildrak the Dwarf is relatively unknown in the nation of Otroclade. Those that have met him know very little about him, but that does not stop speculation.

The stories say that he is among the last of the Stone Dwarves of the Mountain, a race of dwarves said to be born from the earth and made of stone. Some say he’s immortal, only able to die in combat. Others say that he has appeared at every important historical event in the past century, which of course led to the stories of immortality.

According to the warriors who have fought alongside him, Kildrak is a very fierce fighter. Instead of viewing his small stature as a weakness, he uses it as a weapon. One story even told of him loading himself into a short-range catapult to gain a tactical advantage. Whether this could be seen as a strength or weakness is unknown.

Kildrak is also said to be a very selfless individual, and not just in battle. He often puts himself between allies and enemies, either to lead a charge or defend an escape. Outside of battle, he fights for the good of the whole, often sacrificing his own resources in order to benefit the good of the group. This could also be viewed as a strength or a weakness.

One thing is unanimous amongst past allies of Kildrak: He prefers to keep to himself, choosing to observe conversation rather than engaging in it. Despite this, he is well-spoken when he needs to be and views this as a strength; keeping out of trouble by avoiding situations altogether, and being able to talk himself out of trouble if it finds him.


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