Eldak Sinsinger

Tiefling Wizard



Eldak was born into a lowly family of scoundrels and outlaws in the city of Laiston, where no one is your friend and everyone would sooner steal from you than spare you a greeting. All of Eldak’s family lived off of robbing and stealing as far back as he could remember; his father was a well known outlaw, and his grand-father had been one of the greatest. Eldak was sure the tree ran back much further, but did not care for it. Robbing was in their blood, and quickly became their way of life, else they would die.

But not Eldak.

Eldak wanted no part of robbing innocents of their money. He thought it gave the Tiefling race an even worse name than they already had, even if the town was full of other robbers. Eldak knew there were other ways to live aside from stealing from a lowly peasant, other ways of obtaining great wealth. He had heard tales of great adventurers who found untold riches and powers, dangerous and deadly places filled with monstrous beings. There were some people who never returned from such places. The ones who did return, were the wealthiest and most powerful of people.

Eldak wanted to be part of it.

He had heard tales of great wizards and sorcerers in the city of Brittercrag, men who could, with no more than the power of their minds, wield tremendous power, and even bend the elements to their will. Eldak had some promise in these arts as a shaman of the village had once told him, and so the young Tiefling set off to find adventure and make his mark in the world. He found the start to his adventures on the road to Brittercrag!

Eldak Sinsinger

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