A Gem in the Wild.

Maticus Freeborn's Journal (Day 1)

Day 1
“I barely slept last night…

This journey that overshadows my dear friend Rhogar Goldheart and me certainly came with an overwhelming anxiety. Today was the day that Traelin Highthorn briefed us on our important task of revealing the scum who was responsible for the ever-increasing crime that was plaguing our realm.

Stumbling out of bed, hours before dawn, I prepared for the day ahead with the usual routines. I had just cleaned and inventoried all of my gear the day before, so I couldn’t wait to show off my shining armor and polished shield. Maybe for once it would outshine Rhogar’s. I was not surprised to see that I had failed when I knocked on his door and found him sharpening the massive sword that had felled his mighty brother many years ago… My dear friend was the definition of a holy knight. Not a single scratch or patch of garnish could ever be found on any of the dragonborn’s equipment. I cannot wait to see him in battle.

At breakfast, we were joined by the group from the Collaborative Innovation Empire, who were to join us on this mission. There were two scrawny looking fellows joined by an Eladrain(Aravan and a Githzerai (Hastos the Fallen). I guess the CIE doesn’t have any REAL warriors to send to help in our mission…

Traelin’s briefing was very open-ended. All of us could see how lacking the council was with information on the evil that was surrounding us. The only lead we had was of the Unicorn Wing Inn. We would have to try and gather information there as soon as possible. I lead the group upstairs to a private dining room to discuss the objectives ahead of us. After agreeing to the tasks ahead, we left the private room. Upon opening the door, one of the scrawny lads (I never really remembered their names) was attacked by a short fellow who had been listening into our conversation through the door. Instantly, smoke and fire filled the doorway. I couldn’t see anything. We all drew our weapons and began to take action. The Eladrain, who I had learned was named Talon, vanished in midair. I knew that I must act quickly. Relying on my officer training (break the ambush with overwhelming force), I yelled the charge, which Rhogar followed without hesitation. It was all over before we knew it. When the smoke cleared, Rhogar had the halfling in his grip. (I had later learned that Talon had magically teleported to block the exit)

We brought the spy to the cellar of The Platinum Gavel to interrogate him. We soon found that was, in fact, not a “him”. The whole interrogation was a disaster, and ended when I drove my sword through the halfling’s heart. She was an evil being… one who sought to ruin our mission, and took pleasure in torturous acts. It was a justified killing. I will lose no sleep over it.

After collaboration with the rest of the squad, we separated. Rhogar and I went to make a public scene with the body of the spy, while Talon and Hastos watched for suspicious activities. Our mission isn’t much of a secret to anyone around this place, so I don’t think we got much out of it. When we all returned to the Platinum Gavel, one of the scrawny guys did have some information about gnomes or goblins fighting in the woods. He wasn’t too clear about the information, but maybe it will pay off in the future.

The night ended with an attack on the Platinum Gavel. Some magical gnome had the nerve to blow a hole in the wall and attack us head-on. This was a terrible mistake, and ended rather quickly. Most of us were without a scratch; however the scrawny guy looked like he had been almost chopped in half… I don’t think he is cut out for this business. Maybe we can leave Pointswatch tomorrow without him…”


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