Rhogar Goldheart


Rhogar Goldheart Saga

Hatched from an unusual egg with the appearance of burnished gold which carried a pattern that resembled a significant symbol. The Dragonborns speculated the meaning of the unusual egg and the theory that has the most support by the elders is that Rhogar is the Descendent of the Dragon hero send by Bahamut.

As it seems blessed since birth Rhogar had such high expectations to take the dragonborn race back to its original glory but not only the pressure of his people behind him but of his brother already making a name for himself, Turin Goldheart the Runepriest proud leader of a group of dragonborn that defends our land, trying to not have his big brother cast a shadow on him he decides to become the most powerful paladin.

Years Later Rhogar returns as the most promising paladin out of the order and takes his place under his brother Turin Goldheart to defend his people. In his very first mission Rhogar and Turin find themselves in a tough situation, a pack of bandits have surround them already fellow dragonborn have fallen Rhogar and Turin fight fearlessly to avenge their fallen brothers.

What seems to be the leader of the bandits comes out of nowhere and jumps with his sword up in the air and strikes down with endless rage towards Turin but at the same moment Rhogar moves in front of his brother with his shield to protect him but that wasn’t enough his shield has sunder and Turin falls down on his knees with the blade still in his body, the strike came at him from his right shoulder to his left, Turin looks at his brother Rhogar and yells “YOU SHALL NOT FALL BY THIS VERMIN” and takes the sword from his body and pulls it out and enchants it with a teleport spell and hands it over to Rhogar and says “protect our people…” as soon as Turin lets go of the sword Rhogar teleports back to town, he then rallies all the warriors around the town to go back to find his brother and kill the bandits but it was too late, they all have left and Rhogar notices that his brother Turin body is missing with his Hammer Val’anyr a two-handed hammer that has been in the family for centuries.

Rhogar looks down at his hand and sees the two-handed Sword With blood of his brother still dripping from the blade he makes an oath to avenge his brother and return Val’anyr back to his family.
Before setting out to hunt down the bandits Rhogar focus more on training but things are different with vengeance in his mind all his focus is on building strength and recalls how a shield didn’t save his brother and how useless he felt in that battle but now with a two-handed sword that stroked down his own brother is now a weapon of justice…

Rhogar Goldheart

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