The Tale of Biggs the Bard

Biggs lost his family at the very young age of 13, to a bandit raid on his small village. After taking a sword thrust through his side he barely survived the attack himself by hiding under an overturned cart on the side of the road. A traveling old man found him on the side of the road covered in blood and grime. His restless sleep was riddled with nightmares of hideous red glaring eyes. He awoke several days after the attack to meet Rizo Windrunner the composer. Biggs decided that these eyes belonged to the man who killed his family. Rizo could see the confusion and hurt on Biggs face. He took from his case a sleek black violin and began to play. The sound was the most beautiful thing that Biggs had ever heard. The sound of the music filled his soul and he began to weep.
After seeing the tightness of Biggs shoulders being relieved by the sound of music Rizo decided to take him on as his apprentice. The two of them quickly became close through the sound of music. Rizo immediately saw that Biggs was a musical prodigy, he was able to play every instrument beautifully. Rizo could see that his musical play had arcane qualities to it as well. Biggs began experimenting with his music finding that depending on the instrument he was able to grant power flows of energy to himself and Rizo making them stronger. Rizo also started to train Biggs in many different aspects of the ways of the world, from languages, and political motivations to the handling of throwing knives and a scimitar.
Two years had passed, Biggs had just turned 15 when he was walking to the village to get fresh ink and other supplies for Rizo, He saw smoke rising from a short distance from the road. He began breathing heavily and as the glare of the red eyes struck him in his heart. Fear and rage brought tears to his eyes as he sprinted towards the smoke. As he got closer to the fire he could hear a voice crying out for help inside of a burning house. He flung himself headlong into the fire rout building and was able to rescue the short auburn haired beauty. Her petite frame and angular features stole Biggs breath away. Her name was Andrea and her slight accent was confusing to Biggs. After her home was destroyed Biggs brought her back to Rizo where he agreed to let her live with them.
Over the next few years Biggs and Andrea became very close friends. Rizo told stories about great adventures he had been apart of and of the friends that he made. He spoke the most about a tavern owner named Fredrick Freeborn and his son MATICUS FREEBORN!. He told Biggs that if there was ever a time in need that Fredrick would always be there for him. One night Biggs asked Rizo if he knew of any men that had red eyes. Rizo played with his mustache leaving the question to die as the three of them went to sleep.

The scream of Andrea woke Bigg from his sleep. He sprung out of bed and ran to the common room. He was immediately horror struck as he saw Rizo laying on the ground bleeding and Andrea being dragged from the front door. He ran after her, as soon as he burst through the door all he could feel was the sharp pain on his head and neck, reaching for Andrea as she screamed the last thing he was saw was the red eyes looking down from the horsemen as he pulled her onto the horse. After waking up Biggs knew what he needed to do he gathered supplies and his flute and violin and began his journey to save his friend.


A Gem in the Wild. Biggtaru