Lvl 1 Drow Warlock Binder


Belgos, known for being a loose cannon who plays by nobody’s rules but his own. From a young age he has had no one on his side, having to fend for himself he hasn’t made many friends, only enemies. He has traveled many parts of Otroclade trying to find purpose. Upon his travels he met a wise sorcerer that took a liking to him, he wanted to help him. Belgos began following him on his travels, hoping to learn spells that would help him become strong.

The sorcerer taught him many spells and abilities as he grew older. Belgos started using these spells for malice and for fun. He used them for personal gain and destruction. Once the sorcerer caught wind of this he wasn’t pleased. He tried to stop Belgos with his powers but Belgos was stronger than he imagined. Belgos read many of the sorcerer’s books while he didn’t notice learning spells that he didn’t want to teach him. Belgos wouldn’t stop until he became stronger than him.

The two fought each other with Belgos going full force, not stopping with his attacks. He had to prove to himself that he was stronger. No matter how strong he thought he was, the sorcerer would overpower him with every attack. After a lengthy battle the sorcerer simply left Belgos alone wounded. Belgos awoken days later still wounded and angry. He wanted to defeat the sorcerer, he wanted to prove his strength. He continued traveling hoping to one day find the sorcerer. To finish what he had started. To defeat him.


A Gem in the Wild. LuchaDuderino