Aravan is an Eladrain of the Feywilds, he stands at 6’1" at 180 pounds.

Clad in a leather jerkin with seemingly unnecessary straps and buckles, a dark grey undershirt and black hide leggings. Long tattered cloak with hood usually not used when in the open. Long thick boots that strap up to below the knee.

Hair is medium length and tied back, eyes and hair are grey and skin is of a light tin complexion.

Carries two pistols on his person, one holstered on his lower back, the other on his chest. A short bow and quiver along his upper back and a pair of daggers one hidden under his left cuff on a spring mechanism, the other exposed under the straps on his right tricep. A few small pouches along his belt for various items.


First Century
Born in the Feywild, Aravan learned the ways of the Fey and was sent out into the wild to find his path at maturity. After years of wandering he came upon a small outskirt village which was unknown to his kind. Within the village he met various races from the other plane, it was here that he encountered Talon Drevon, a nobleman who had made a name for himself from the slums of Points Watch. Aravan took great interest in Talon having never met a man of such determination and the ability to achieve whatever goal he set despite his unfavorable beginnings. Aravan spent the next 16 years learning what Talon knew, being told stories of the land he came from before the slip in the Fey had brought them here. Talon trained Aravan in the skills of cunning and deception, how to wield hidden blades and silently strike from afar with a bow. Having learned all he could from him, Aravan told Talon that he must return to his homeland to speak to the elders and help the villagers find their way back. His journey home took him a little over a year, and when he arrived he was greeted as all returning Eladrin were, with ceremony and praise. Aravan told the elders of what he had seen in his years traveling the Wilds and of the lost villagers. Though he had not yet found a purpose in life the elders taught him the secrets of the Fey and how to move between it for short times. With the help of the elders and their strong connection to the Fey, Talon and the villagers were sent back to their realm.

Second Century
Aravan spent several more decades in the wilds honing his learned skills Talon had given him, and perfecting his control over the Fey. One afternoon as the sun began to set, a ripple in the Fey pulled Aravan out of the Wilds and into a large city unlike any he had seen before. He had heard stories of how slips would sometimes trap unsuspecting travelers in and out of the Feywilds, and despite his advanced control over the Fey he was unable to return. It didn’t take long to learn that the city he had arrived in was the same Points Watch which Talon had spoken about all those years ago. Though he knew Talon would be long since passed by now, still he sought out any information he might have left behind. After a few days he discovered an underground group of deft handed types who called themselves the Raven Claws. Their leader was Kahl Drevon, first son of Talon Drevon, his old mentor from the Fey. Aravan told him of how he had met his father and trained under him, how he had helped return him home. Kahl allowed him to stay for what he had done for his father, and eventually gave him a place within the Claws. He learned of the Raven Queen which the Claws worshiped, and assisted in their daily rituals. He would spend days clearing out kobald holes and fighting off brigands on the roads to and from the city. As time passed members came and went but Aravan remained, loyal to the legacy of Talon Drevon. He oversaw the death of Kahl and the rise of his then 13 year old daughter Elina. When Harthaan entered the city it was the Claws under the command of the now 16 ambitious Elina Drevon who silently took down most of his men and helped instigate the ensuing attack upon him. After that day, Elina was dubbed the “Black Feather” by Aravan and the other Claws, and so began the days of the Raven. As an Eladrin of the Fey, he felt indifferent to the woes of those on this side, so when he was given objectives to assassinate targets or swipe documents, he went about doing so unflinching. In time however he came to understand the ideas of Points Watch, and even started to share in those beliefs, that all should be equal and tolerate other’s ways. He had finally found a path, to protect the freedoms of Points Watch.


A Gem in the Wild. Gabller