And so it begins!

Currently in the planning phase this is the start point for the upcoming Those Gentlemen Gamers Online D&D campaign. Please if you are signed up to be a player take note of the following items.

Special Notes.

  • If you plan to create a character prior to being offered help, be sure to check back here for local lore and also be sure that you have a complete Fourth Edition Character sheet which can be found here download the top link and either print out or fill out in Adobe. Either way you will need to get a digital version to Royal when you can.
  • If you are waiting for help be sure that Royal knows exactly how much help you need and try to use available fourth edition resources to have an idea of what you might like to create (as far as character and back story go.)
  • If you are creating a history for your character and have questions make sure to ask, it is better to ask Royal and flesh out details than leave them muddy. For the potential group history you may chose as many or as few party members to be included but they must agree to the events in the brief group history.

Final Note.

Alright folks I hope you are all excited in the next 24 hours expect some updates on the Wiki containing basic Lore and notable names… Thanks for your excitement it is something I hope to build on with tremendous momentum over the coming days/weeks.

Update 7/23/2013

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